Be productive subliminal audio message (V2)
  • Be productive subliminal audio message (V2)

Be productive (V2)


This subliminal audio message contains:

  • Track 1: Original version
  • Track 2: Silent subliminal
  • 20 powerful subliminal affirmations
  • Theta waves
  • High quality ambient sounds
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 / Download
  • Total duration: 60 minutes

Gain a positive mindset and achieve great achievements and successes. Subliminal messages can be an effective and powerful tool to increase productivity and save you a lot of money.

Stress; no job category or professional level is immune. Decreased productivity due to symptoms that sap energy, affect work habits, cause problems with concentration, memory, and decision-making. Beside depression & stress, there are other major issues people are dealing with that are greatly effecting your business; issues such as procrastination, weight control, confidence, fears just to mention a few..

Psychologists suggest that stress is so prevalent in the business environment, that it’s the number one reason for work missed by employees. Individuals from a wide range of disciplines from business coaches, change managers, sales managers and account directors, accountants to the front line staff, all can benefit greatly using subliminal messages.

From a business point of view much of business involves communication skills and even a small improvement can make a difference to performance.

Personal development makes an improvement to how you get things done that lead to the results you produce, you’ll tend to work better and automatically influence others in a positive way.

What would business be like if you and your staff were at their best?

Being successful in business and sales takes attitude and mental strength as well as practical techniques. Subliminal messages is increasingly being used by sales professionals and business managers to overcome obstacles to success and give them a positive advantage over the competition.

Gaining confidence, skills and improving yourself aids your move up the managerial ladder.

Positive affirmations included:

- I forget the sad moments and experiences of bitterness.
- My present happiness is stable and growing.
- I let go of any situation or person that hurts me.
- I let go of memories that prevent me from living fully.
- I focus on my personal well-being.
- Of my past, I only remember the positive in every lived experience.
- I choose to forgive and forgive myself.
- I live and think positive.
- I change my perception of everything around me.
- I take decisions about my life easily.
- I achieve everything I decide to.
- From today I close the doors of my past and I am responsible for my present.
- I let go the guilt I feel inside.
- I let go all that has passed and has no use to me.
- I use all my inner potential from this time on.
- I let go the pain and anguish.
- I control my emotions effortlessly and reactions.
- I accept my responsibility in each of my actions.
- I live in peace and tranquility.
- I act with maturity and wisdom.

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