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Customized subliminal audio
  • Customized subliminal audio
  • Customized subliminal audio

Customized subliminal audio


This service includes:

  • Customized Production
  • Your name in the positive affirmations
  • 20 subliminal affirmations
  • Professional native voiceover
  • Mixed with ambient HQ sounds
  • Theta waves
  • Delivering within 5 days
  • Language: English.
  • Max duration: 2 Hours.

Tailor-made, customized subliminal audio message. Down below we give a detailed description of the phases constituting the production of these.

PHASE 1: Topic of audio. Whenever dealing with personal issues we ask you to always tell us a little of your personal history so we may better focus our search for positive affirmations. For example, if the topic deals with love, the questions could be: What is your relationship to love? What are your fears about it? What is your current situation? How do you experience the day to day with your partner? If you have one... or, what emotions do you have when talking about it? The more information, the better.

PHASE 2: The search for positive affirmations. We write a maximum of 20 positive affirmations, including your name, according to the situation that concerns you or the change you wish to accomplish. You can also directly write these affirmation and we can evaluate whether they are appropriate, modifying them only when necessary.

PHASE 3: Confirmation of positive affirmations. We send you a written list of affirmations so you may verify and validate them. We can change some if necessary until they are perfect, according to your needs and objectives.

PHASE 4: Recording of positive affirmations.

We proceed to record the positive affirmations in a studio. The voiceover will be done by a professional native, so we can ensure the effectiveness of what the subconscious hears, in its own language.

PHASE 5: Validation of the recording. We send you the recorded affirmations so you may listen to them and be certain that your tailor-made, customized subliminal audio include the correct affirmations.

PHASE 6: Production of subliminal audio We go on to the subliminal audio production phase, we add music if you want it, binaural sounds, theta waves and ambient sounds. We can also mix the subliminal audio with your favorite music, if you send it to us.

PHASE 7: Delivering of finished subliminal audio You will receive your audio within at most 5 days. The file will be sent through Wetransfer to facilitate download.

If you have any doubts regarding the production of subliminal audio, we encourage you to write to us through our contact page.

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