Love Sex & Seduction (V1)
  • Love Sex & Seduction (V1)

PACK Love Sex & Seduction (V1)


This pack includes:

  • 10 Tracks
  • 100 Min. brain reprogramming
  • Subliminal audios messages
  • Theta waves
  • 432 Hz music
  • Language: english
  • Format: MP3 / Digital download

You may think at first that Love Sex & Seduction subliminal audio messages makes you a love magnet because it is the other person who is being hypnotized into having feelings for you! That is not the case, and after all, who would want to “make” someone love them through changing their thinking? The change about how lovable, how attractive and irresistible you are comes from within your self and is unleashed through the use of subliminal affirmations. There is old saying that, if you want to catch a butterfly, just sit still and it will land on you. When it comes to attracting another person, sitting still isn’t necessary, but chasing them down isn’t either.

Through subliminal audio messages programming you can make changes within yourself that will draw people to you naturally, without the chase. The use of subliminal audio messages has the ability to feed you positive thoughts when you are most adaptable to receiving them – once relaxed.

The first steps involves becoming relaxed and removing the negative conversations you have with yourself. If your daily internal dialog is telling you that no one will ever love you, then the subconscious gestures and verbal and non-verbal messages you send will reflect that. The key then is to let subliminal audio messages program change that internal dialog to a positive one that lets you truly feel worthy of the love you are seeking.

This Love Sex & Seduction subliminal audio messages pack contain the following subliminal audios (also available as single):

Track 1 Increase your sexual energy

Track 2 Attract beautiful ladies

Track 3 Orgasm enhancer

Track 4 Attract your perfect partner

Track 5 Confidence seduction (for women)

Track 6 Confidence seduction (for men)

Track 7 Sexual confidence

Track 8 Self esteem (for women)

Track 9 Increase your penis size

Track 10 Breast enlargement

Affirmations positives contenues dans ce message subliminal:

- I am sexually confident
- I am a great lover
- I am a powerful sexual being
- I am in touch with my deepest sexual nature and desire
- I always please my partner
- I am open to new sexual experiences
- I am secure in my body and celebrate its sexuality
- I express my deepest sexual needs
- I am full of sexual energy and potential
- My body tingles with sexual magnetism


- I radiate confidence, warmth and charm that women find irresistibly attractive.
- I have unlimited power to bring about my desire. I can meet,date and seduce any woman I desire.
- I always know what to say and do to melt a woman’s resistance away.
- My mind is focused on what I desire, there is no limit to what can be mine.
- I radiate a confidence, self-control and power that women find irresistibly attractive.
- I have unlimited power to seduce the women I desire. I can easily have any woman I want.
- I swiftly size up a woman’s potential and eliminate those who are wasting my time.
- My every thought, action and word reflects a life filled to overflowing with available women.
- I have incredible sexual power with women. I radiate an irresistible sexual energy that arouses women just being in my presence.
- I move with a power, aggression and grace that women find irresistibly attractive.
- I am aggressive,direct and powerful with the women I desire. It is impossible for a woman to manipulate or control me.
- As far as women are concerned, I have no limitations. I can meet, date and seduce any woman I desire.


- My desire for physical penetrative sex is now increasing each and every day.
- I now achieve extremely intense, powerful, obvious and satisfying sexual orgasm easily
- I now have extremely powerful, intense, obvious and pleasurable sexual orgasm
- I now give myself complete permission to have at least one sexual orgasm whenever I have sex or masturbate.
- My sexual orgasms are now becoming more powerful, obvious, intense and pleasurable.
- I now know, accept and understand that I can have sexual orgasm easily
- I now use my dreams to manifest the results of this program as quickly, powerfully, obviously, safely and effectively as possible.
- Sexual orgasm is now overwhelmingly powerful, intense, obvious and pleasurable for me.
- Whenever I have a sexual orgasm, I now allow myself to be as loud and as obvious as I want to be expressing the pleasure I feel.
- I can and do now express my full pleasure during orgasm comfortably


- I am surrounded by love and everything is fine.
- My heart is always open and I radiate love.
- All my relationships are long lasting and loving.
- I see everything with loving eyes and I love everything I see.
- My partner is the love of my life and the center of my universe.
- In life I always get what I give out and I always give out love.
- I encounter love in all my relationships and I love these encounters.
- I deserve love and I get it in abundance.
- I have attracted the most loving person in my life and life is now full of joy.
- I love myself and everybody else and in return everybody loves me.
- Everywhere I go, I find love. Life is joyous.
- My partner and I are perfect match for each other and the love between us is divine.


- My seductive powers are strong
- I seduce men at will
- I am tuned in to the mind of the man I want
- I know exactly what to say and how to act
- I sense the right moment to play shy
- I know how to attract a man’s curiosity
- I am great at playing innocent when I have to
- I am a master seductress
- I always seduce the man I want
- I am highly skilled at playing hard to get


-I am a master of seduction
- I am tuned in to female signals
- I attract women with my seduction patterns
- I am totally confident with women
- I always approach women without hesitation
- My personality is sexy and seductive
- I am highly skilled with seductive patterns and techniques
- I am strong and dominant
- Women are naturally drawn to me
- I am always calm, relaxed, and focused


- I am sexually confident
- I attract into my life a suitable sexual partner
- I attract into my life partner of the same sex predilections
- I am a proficient lover
- I have unlimited sexual power
- I love sex and enjoy it
- I am filled with sexual power
- I am feeling erotically inspired
- I am grateful for my sexual life
- I am an attractive person with a very strong sexual desire


- I am beautiful inside and out
- I am interesting and sexy
- I have an adventurous spirit
- Men are naturally attracted to my radiant energy
- I am full of positive energy
- I am irresistible to men
- Men are drawn to my womanliness
- I light up a room
- Men are always noticing me
- I am a beautiful, confident, sexy woman


- I now focus the unlimited power of my subconscious mind upon increasing the size of my penis.
- My penis now significantly increases in size.
- I now make my penis grow to be significantly thicker and longer than before.
- My penis now grows significantly longer and thicker every day.
- I now manifest a longer, thicker penis for myself.
- My penis now grows to be as long and thick as I consciously want it to be.
- I now return my body to the growth state it needs to be in to cause my penis size to increase.
- I now let go of any subconscious belief that keeps me from having the penis size I consciously desire.
- I am now strongly self confident and self secure.
- My self image now includes a longer, thicker penis.
- I now have the longer, thicker penis I consciously want to have.


- Every night I release puberty hormones
- My breasts are getting larger and larger
- I am redesigning my breasts with my mind
- I have full, large and firm breasts
- I deserve large, full, beautifully proportioned breasts
- I become more beautifully proportioned every day
- I accept and love myself with large, full breasts
- My breasts feel warm and full
- I can feel stimulation in my breasts as they grow
- I love my growing and enlarging breasts
- I feel confident with my larger breast
- My body constantly renews itself

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