Think positively (V2)
  • Think positively (V2)

Think positively (V2)

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This subliminal audio message contains:

  • Track 1: Original version
  • Track 2: Silent subliminal
  • 20 powerful subliminal affirmations
  • Theta waves
  • High quality ambient sounds
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 / Download
  • Total duration: 60 minutes

Have you ever spoken to yourself looking in the mirror in your bathroom and saying something like “You are a wonderful person!” Trying to increase your self-esteem and improve your mood? And have you noticed that doesn’t work at all? We all have a little voice inside our heads that criticizes us, often more harshly than we would criticize another person. For many of us, this negative internal dialogue with oneself manifest as the repetition of certain phrases, especially when we feel stressed or upset: “You are a failure.” “You’re so ugly, you’re fat.” “You cannot do anything right.” You would never say this to another person, but it is there, ringing in your head. To unlock that door you need, first, to recognize that negative thinking exists, and then create a phrase that your brain can really believe and understand. With this subliminal audio, you can remove
those negative thoughts, replacing them with positive thoughts and emotions, correctly, quickly and easily. 

Positive affirmations included:

– Today I decide to have a happy life.
– The more I give, the more I receive.
– I think, I feel and manifest joy for the achievements in my life.
– I’m a special and unique person.
– I create abundance with faith, joy and enthusiasm.
– My energy is focused and directed toward my goals.
– I have faith and I feel gratitude.
– Prosperity is for my growth, fulfillment and happiness.
– I smile and fill myself with energy.
– I always trust my intuition.
– My thoughts are always positive.
– I focus on the good that gives me every situation or person.
– Everything comes to me at the right time.
– My body, my mind and my spirit are in perfect harmony.
– My life brings me complete happiness.
– Joy is my main virtue.
– I surround myself with people who love me.
– Love is the essence of my being.
– I enjoy every moment.
– I have the life I’ve always dreamed.

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