Get out of debt Vol.2 (V2)
  • Get out of debt Vol.2 (V2)

Get out of debt Vol.2 (V2)

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This subliminal audio message contains:

  • Track 1: Original version
  • Track 2: Silent subliminal
  • 20 powerful subliminal affirmations
  • Theta waves
  • High quality ambient sounds
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 / Download
  • Total duration: 60 minutes

In order to succeed, you must live debt free. Debts are stagnant energy that will not let you move forward. Mismanagement, abuse of bank loans or credit cards or of a lack of money or work, make us fall in a vicious cycle of debt from which it is difficult to get out.
Do not let an economic disaster end up with your physical and psychological well-being.
This subliminal audio will allow you to focus on solutions and not problems. Do not let fear and despair freeze you. Transforms that locked energy now, into thoughts of prosperity. 

Positive affirmations included:

– I deserve to live debt free.
– I have total control of my finances.
– I pay to all my creditors.
– Money comes to me effortlessly.
– I know where my money goes every time.
– I have a happy, abundant and prosperous life.
– I spend my money in a disciplined manner.
– My thoughts are focused on prosperity.
– I manage my money effectively.
– I always find the way to save.
– I always spend my money wisely.
– I have the ability to pay others for their services.
– I put my finances in order.
– I am an optimistic, reliable and positive person.
– My earnings exceed my expenses.
– I’m an excellent administrator of my assets.
– Money flows to me increasingly in larger amounts.
– I’m financially free.
– All persons and all things make me prosper.
– I fulfill all my obligations on time.

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