Forgive my mistakes (V2)
  • Forgive my mistakes (V2)

Forgive my mistakes (V2)

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This subliminal audio message contains:

  • Track 1: Original version
  • Track 2: Silent subliminal
  • 20 powerful subliminal affirmations
  • Theta waves
  • High quality ambient sounds
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 / Download
  • Total duration: 60 minutes

It is necessary and healthy forgive ourselves. Moreover, we must do if we want to free ourselves from blame for something that happened and makes us immensely unhappy. Besides, it is something that already happened and we cannot change it. We must go forward, accept and forgive ourselves.
Change those negative thoughts with this subliminal audio, leaves that resentment, regain your emotional and physical health. Remember! Forgiveness allows us to live in the present… and that’s the only really important moment. 

Positive affirmations included:

– I choose to forgive and forgive myself.
– I choose to learn from my mistakes.
– I forgive myself for having offended someone without realizing what that meant.
– I let go the shame I have felt for my actions.
– The liberation born in me.
– I surrender to universal love and forgive myself.
– I choose to live a new present, free and without rancor.
– To forgive is to move forward in my life.
– I let go of all that has passed and has no use to me.
– Mistakes are experiences that make me grow.
– I release the guilt I feel inside.
– I appreciate everything learned and continue my way.
– My heart is at peace with all beings around me.
– I release heartaches and I am filled with joy.
– I accept my forgiveness.
– I thank my heart its ability to love and forgive.
– I understand the damage I may have caused and I can forgive myself.
– I release memories of the past that no longer has used in my mind.
– My ability to forgive and forgive myself grows every day.
– Love and forgiveness flow from my heart.

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