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  • How to extract downloaded ZIP files?

    The MP3 audio files are compressed in ZIP. For download and playback, a PC with Windows XP or higher and an audio player like windows media is necessary. In some cases, your system may ask you to install an additional program to unzip files. Once unzipped click on the file to play it.

    The audio files are compatible with MAC OS. The file will be visible in the finder, to unzip it click on the file and the content will be extracted in the folder in use.

  • What are subliminal messages?

    A subliminal message is any piece of information which we receive without us consciously perceiving it. This information can come in any format; from video, to images, and of course, subliminal audio. Subliminal audio is our speciality, so rather than explaining the science of flashing images we will keep things related to subliminal audio.

    You can make an audio message subliminal in a few different ways, but the technique we use is simply to record a set of verbal suggestions and move them to a higher sound frequency. This means that the verbal commands will be just out of range of your regular, CONSCIOUS hearing limit.

  • How long do I have to use a subliminal audio before its effects become long term or permanent?

    That question is complex to answer because there are so many variables in play. In general, a subliminal designed to be used as alteration programming – that is, not just intended for a short term impact or effect – will usually require a minimum of 32 days to achieve full effect.

    It will depend on the goal, your usage patterns, whether or not you follow the instructions, your personality and the amount of conscious or subconscious resistance you have to the program and depending on the length and complexity of the script, your usage patterns, the amount of resistance you have to one or more aspects of the program, and your personality type, it may require multiple run-throughs to have long term effects.

  • Is subliminal audio messages and hypnosis the same thing?

    Hypnosis is another way to slip past the conscious mind. This works by encouraging relaxation (some refer to this as a trance-like state). Here, the brain produces less Beta waves, and more Alpha (and sometimes Theta waves). These latter waves are associated with a more active subconscious mind. However, this process requires active concentration on the listeners’ part, and engagement with the guided imagery to be effective. This is a huge commitment, as the subconscious requires a lot of repetition before it integrates the new information. It can become very boring. Listeners get restless and this negates the suggestive influence.

    Subliminal messaging does not require the brain to be in this state to work well. It only requires that:

    (a) the repetition of the message.

    (b) the conscious mind must be unaware of the message.

  • What is resistance and how to deal with it?

    Resistance to a subliminal is when some part or parts of your awareness is at odds with the new programming a subliminal is attempting to install, and tries to reject, avoid, stop or otherwise refuse it.

    Resistance to subliminals can be complex and there are several types. In some cases the resistance is conscious, and is overcome by a willing subconscious, or consciously thwarting an unwilling conscious. In some cases, it is both conscious and subconscious. In some cases it is subconscious only.

    It is very difficult to consciously thwart an unwilling subconscious because the conscious is very limited in comparison. This rarely works (about 10% of cases), but is possible.

    If resistance is both conscious and subconscious, it will be almost impossible to consciously overcome by oneself until the resistance of one or the other is overcome, or help is gotten from a skilled mind programming operator using NLP, hypnosis, etc.

    If resistance is subconscious only, it is challenging to overcome, but one can use conscious actions to succeed, such as subliminals, affirmations, hypnosis, etc.

    Resistance to a subliminal is usually very difficult to overcome if the root cause (nearly always some sort of fear) is not dealt with first. It is possible, but requires a different approach, a different style of mind programming, or significantly more time.

    A different approach usually means that you deal with the cause of the resistance, and then worry about what’s being resisted. In other words, you will be working on fear first, which is almost invariably the cause of the resistance, instead of whatever else you might have been trying to accomplish that was being resisted.

    A different style of mind programming is going to be something like hypnosis or NLP instead of subliminals. Something the conscious mind can see and understand better and fear less to resist less. Again, it boils down to dealing with fear.

    More time, of course is the approach of the wind wearing down the mountain. Given enough time, all things change, even by the light touch of the wind.

  • Why use subliminals?

    You might be thinking “what’s the point in subliminals?” or “why bother making the messages inaudible?”. Well, this is because a regular statement and a subliminal suggestion have different effects on your mind.

    If, for example, you repeat affirmations to yourself or use an album with audible suggestions then you may be so set in your ways that your conscious mind will reject the suggestions. For example, if you have self esteem issues and someone tells you “you are confident” this will probably get instantly dismissed as your conscious mind “knows” the statement to be false.

    However with subconscious programming the barrier of your conscious mind is bypassed and it is therefore possible to make changes which you would not be able to if the information was sent via regular regular conscious development / learning methods.

  • What will I feel?

    Everyone is different – some people experience the effects of subliminal messages almost straight away; feelings of being energized, focused, clear in mind, or highly motivated are common. For others the changes take a little while to take effect, but over a longer duration you should notice a change in your attitude, and you will probably notice you have different thoughts and beliefs concerning the change you are pursuing – this will then start to filter into your everyday actions and change your patterns of behavior on a bigger scale.

  • Why can I not hear the messages?

    The messages are recorded at frequencies beyond the range of conscious hearing. Your ear still receives the information, which your subconscious brain can interpret and piece together. This is so the messages can bypass your usual conscious perception. Should the messages be audible, your conscious mind will refute the new believes and ideas, reality testing them against the old. Some individuals may consciously hear a buzzing sound beneath the track. This is also normal.

  • How should I listen?

    How you listen is a personal preference. There is no single best way to listen. What works for you might not be right for someone else.

    If you are serious about making a change in your life then try and create a “total immersion”, i.e. play your albums whenever, and wherever you can. You can listen while you sit and relax, or while you work, while you study, while you read, exercise..and yes you can listen in your sleep too. You should use these albums as much as possible, and listen anywhere that you either have access to a computer, or are able to use your Mp3 Player.

    This total immersion in subliminal audio, when combined with planning and conscious action towards your goals will make you much more successful – it will make sure you are ALWAYS focused on reaching your goal. It will ignite a burning desire to succeed; giving you a massive advantage towards anything you pursue in life.

  • What are binaural beats?

    Binaural beats is a form of brain entrainment and refers to the use of sound to change the state of the brain. This is achieved by playing different frequencies into the left and right ear.

    In our programmes, this is a low frequency sound is present in the background used to encourage the brain to favour a relaxed-alert state, (where Alpha or theta waves are the most prominent).

    Listening to the recordings with stereo headphones allows you to make use of the binaural beats. There is very little evidence to suggest these frequencies do any more than encourage relaxation. It is however widely agreed that a relaxed mind is more open to suggestion, as excess brain capacity is shifted or at the very least able to focus on subliminal stimuli. There is little reason to believe that binaural beats directly open the mind up to subliminal messaging.

    The inclusion of brain entrainment mean that you cannot drive or operate machinery when listening our programmes.

  • What is the best volume for playback?

    You should be able to hear the backing tracks. Avoid turning up the volume higher than this, as the subconscious is easily overwhelmed. A normal and comfortable listening volume is required.

  • How many subliminal audios can I listen to at once?

    Suggestions contained within each programme work in concert, asking the subconscious to focus on a particular concept. Listening to more than one programme at a time dilutes the effectiveness of the programmes, and the combined result is weaker than if two programmes are listened to sequentially. (The exception to this rule is when the programmes are similar in objective, for example, Lighting Cognition and Accessing your Photographic memory do work well together for a general effect, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that they boost each for stronger results.) We also recommend having a fortnight’s break between programmes in order to give your mind an opportunity to absorb and integrate the new learning.

  • Are subliminal audio dangerous?

    No. We never use negative messages in our programs, although we may occasionally directly reference negative things, such as fear, in order to specifically target that thing for being dealt with. However, we do so in a safe manner, and there is no danger.

    We also don’t put messages in our programs that try to change your religious or political beliefs. There are no “Buy more!” messages. We don’t do these things because it is neither moral, or legal to do so, and because we know that eventually it would come out if we did it. It would lose a lot more for us than we stand to gain even if we were willing to do that sort of thing – and we aren’t.

    So you never have to worry about negative or manipulative messages in Subliminal Online audio programs.

  • Do I have to believe in subliminal audios messages for them to work?

    In short, no. You do not have to “believe in” subliminal programming for it to work for you.

    If you were required to “believe in” subliminals for them to work, they would be working based on the placebo effect only. That is to say – they would not actually work.

    Anyone who tells you that you need to “believe in them” for them to work is either referring to poorly or incorrectly made “subliminals”, or does not understand how properly made programming works.

    Properly scripted, properly created and properly used, subliminal audio will work whether or not you “believe in” it. It isn’t about faith – it’s about real results.

  • Do you offer customized subliminal audio messages?

    If you want to purchase a custom or customized subliminal program, this must be done through the Custom Subliminals Order Page.

  • What happens after I pay?

    You will be either be offered to download the programme from your web browser or be sent a link by e-mail. All downloads receive a secure download link to your e-mail address.

  • What payment option do you offer?

    At the moment we offer PayPal, credit/debit card, Western Union and banking transfert.

  • Is there scientific evidence for subliminal messages working?

    There is a lot of anecdotal evidence on the internet claiming to prove and disprove the effectiveness of subliminal messaging and are to be ignored. Rather restrict your review to academic research papers. This research is properly controlled to account for placebo effects where different groups of individuals are exposed to different subliminal messaging.

    For a full list of academic research papers, please have a search through the US National Library of Medicine.


  • What is the placebo effect?

    The placebo effect is an unknown and misunderstood concept within the human sciences. It refers to any benefit received from a treatment, which are ascribed to the belief that one is receiving treatment, and therefore should benefit. The classic example of this is the administering of sugar pills to half the individuals when testing new drugs.

    This influence is present in most alternative therapies, subliminal messaging included. This is why it is important to rely on academic research to test the effectiveness of subliminal messaging. Here the use of control groups and the use of different sets of messages are able to pull apart the placebo effect from the real benefit.

  • What kind of suggestions are used in your programmes?

    The message needs to be carefully selected and arranged to suit. This is because, the subconscious mind has a language all of its own, and will not be able to re-assemble nuanced idea in this way. The nuanced thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you wish to achieve must be broken down into smaller and simple concepts which your subconscious can easily digest and re-assemble.


    Our approach of Neuro-linguistic-Programming practices, which are widely accepted. You will note that in each programme a sample list of suggestions shows that our messages are short and simple NLP affirmations. These affirmations work in concert to be integrate into your beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.