Subliminal Online, Leader in Subliminal audio messages online. We are a young and dynamic company with a single goal: To develop the most powerful online collection of subliminal audio & video.

Our team is composed of experts in various areas such as mental reprogramming, audio production, video production, graphic design & marketing; making each subliminal audio message an incredible experience.

Subliminal Online was founded in 2013 by the company SL Production, a professional audiovisual production studio located in Alicante (Spain). Their first publications were a few subliminal audios distributed in online stores. Over time our subliminal audio repertoire grew exponentially.

Thus in early 2015 we released an official channel on YouTube: Subliminal Online. The high expectations generated consolidated the company, obtaining a much higher growth. Because of this, Subliminal Online merged with the company Subliminal Research in June of this year to work in collaboration and develop a series of 70 subliminal audios messages using a completely new production process. This change was very important and gave birth to a new series of highly professional products. Version 2 of our subliminal audios reflects these changes, being more effective with 20 positive affirmations instead of 10 or 12 as in version 1. For the moment, version 2 is only available in French, though. We will update it in English and Spanish soon.

The launch of our new website marks another shift in the trajectory of Subliminal online, gathering in one place all products launched to date. The next major change will be the introduction of subliminal video flashes added to the original audio subliminal sound.

Steps and production tools

writing process subliminal messages


The Subliminal Audio creation process begins by choosing positive affirmations to be used in the audio. We perform exhaustive research on each theme to focus the best possible positive affirmations. We look for possible locks that could affect people who can’t achieve their goals in their field. To help us find such locks, we use studies of techniques and therapies such as biodecoding, NLP, hypnosis …

Research for the right positive affirmation is the key to produce a powerful subliminal audio program.

recording process subliminal messages


The second step in the creation process is recording the positive affirmations. We do not use any software that generates synthetic voices, rather we record them ourselves in our professional recording studio with the best audio possible quality. With this type of recording, we can give them all the intention needed to be totally effective.

writing process subliminal messages


The mixing step is crucial when it comes to getting a subliminal audio that fulfills its purpose. Therefore we use the most advanced sound processing tools. The proven experience of our sound engineer, responsible for monitoring the efficiency of subliminal messages throughout the chain, constitutes for us a guarantee of 100% quality. This way we ensure that all our subliminal audios meet the quality standards we have set in Subliminal Online.

writing process subliminal messages


The audio encoding process is also an important step in the production of subliminal audio message. In fact a bad coded subliminal audio is totally ineffective. Our sound engineer is in charge of the encoding process, file verification and proper formatting. Many of the audios available online are totally ineffective for this reason.